Monday, July 8, 2013

Here We Go Again!!!

     Change!  It has become all too familiar in the world of education. How does it make you feel? Many words come to mind right now, but challenged and excited are at the top of my list.  We all know that change is inevitable and without it our students, nor ourselves, would grow to meet the standards of the fast paced society we all live in today. The 21st Century Learner has embraced these new waves, coming to us pre-wired with knowledge that sets them apart from us, a generation gap. Just look at the typical teenager today.  They know how to find their favorite song, IM their friends (group or individual), study for a vocabulary test, and watch their cousin play baseball in another state, all from the push of a button (maybe even simultaneously).   
    As we embark upon revisions to our current math standards it is with great thought, that I ask myself what changes will I need to make in my teaching methodologies for the upcoming school year and the implementation of these standards in 2014. Project Share has been one of many resources that I have turned to as I become more familiar with these new revisions.  I highly recommend the Side-by-Side document!  Check it out!

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